World Bicycle Relief: Empowering Communities Through Two Wheels

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We are super proud to announce our partnership with World Bicycle Relief, a charity that is revolutionising rural access to essential services through the transformative Power of Bicycles.

The Start List wholeheartedly believes in the incredible power the humble bike can make to society. World Bicycle Relief shares our vision and commitment to empowering individuals and, through our partnership, we aim to raise awareness of their incredible work across the globe. Together, we hope to inspire others to recognise the profound impact that bicycles can have in creating a brighter and more inclusive future.


In many parts of the world, access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities is hindered by one significant barrier: distance. Remote and underserved communities often face limited transportation options, making it challenging for individuals to reach essential resources and improve their lives. However, a remarkable organisation called World Bicycle Relief (WBR) is breaking this cycle by providing an ingenious solution: the Power of Bicycles.

World Bicycle Relief is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to providing sustainable mobility solutions to individuals in developing regions across the globe. By distributing its specially designed, robust Buffalo Bicycle, WBR is transforming lives, empowering communities, and catalysing positive change. Through their efforts, they are bridging the gap between distance and opportunity, allowing individuals to reach their full potential.

World Bicycle Relief was founded in response to the Indian Ocean tsunami, with over 24,000 bicycles distributed to displaced survivors in Sri Lanka

World Bicycle Relief was founded in 2005 by F.K. Day and Leah Missbach Day in response to the Indian Ocean tsunami. F.K. Day, a founder of SRAM Corporation and leader in product development, possessed a unique opportunity to collaborate with cycling industry leaders and devise innovative solutions. Leah, a documentary photographer, utilized her storytelling skills to shed light on the devastating aftermath of the tsunami. Together, with the support of SRAM and other industry leaders, F.K. and Leah launched World Bicycle Relief with a mission to provide bicycles to those in need.

In close partnership with aid organizations in Sri Lanka, World Bicycle Relief responded to the devastation caused by the tsunami by distributing over 24,000 bicycles to displaced survivors. These bicycles not only provided a means of transportation but also served as a catalyst for rebuilding shattered lives and communities. With access to education, healthcare, and livelihoods, entire communities were reconnected, fostering resilience and hope in the face of adversity.

The success of their initial project in Sri Lanka paved the way for World Bicycle Relief to expand its reach and impact globally. The organisation continues to work tirelessly, collaborating with local partners and communities to deliver bicycles to underserved regions around the world. By leveraging the Power of Bicycles, World Bicycle Relief is uplifting lives, empowering individuals, and transforming communities, one pedal stroke at a time.


Bicycles are at the heart of World Bicycle Relief’s mission. Designed to withstand rough terrains and challenging environments, the organization’s Buffalo Bicycles are built for durability and longevity. These sturdy bicycles are specifically engineered to tackle the rugged roads often found in rural areas, ensuring that they can withstand the demands of daily use.


  1. Education: One of the key focus areas for World Bicycle Relief is education. By providing bicycles to students, WBR enables them to overcome long and arduous journeys to school. Reduced travel time means students can attend classes regularly, resulting in higher attendance rates and improved academic performance. Education becomes more accessible, leading to brighter futures for individuals and their communities.
  2. Healthcare: Bicycles play a vital role in improving healthcare access. In areas where medical facilities are distant, people can use bicycles to travel quickly and efficiently, ensuring timely access to critical healthcare services. Pregnant women, healthcare workers, and patients in need of medical attention benefit immensely from this increased mobility.
  3. Economic Empowerment: World Bicycle Relief recognizes the transformative impact of economic opportunities. By providing bicycles to entrepreneurs and farmers, the organization fosters economic empowerment. Bicycles enable individuals to transport goods to market faster, access job opportunities, and expand their businesses, thus stimulating local economies.


World Bicycle Relief’s approach goes beyond simply distributing bicycles. They engage local communities, working in collaboration to ensure sustainability and long-term impact. The organisation provides training in bicycle mechanics, empowering individuals with the skills needed to maintain and repair the bicycles. By nurturing local talent, WBR creates employment opportunities and a cycle of self-reliance.

World Bicycle Relief has made remarkable strides in transforming the lives of individuals and communities through the Power of Bicycles. By addressing transportation challenges, they are breaking down barriers to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. With their innovative approach and commitment to sustainability, World Bicycle Relief is empowering communities around the world and fostering a brighter, more inclusive future.


Take action today and jump on World Bicycle Relief’s website and make a donation that will change lives. By contributing to this remarkable organisation, you can directly impact communities around the world. Your support will provide bicycles to students striving for education, healthcare workers reaching remote areas, and entrepreneurs seeking economic empowerment. Every donation, no matter the size, has the power to create a ripple effect of positive change. Join the movement and donate to World Bicycle Relief today to help unlock opportunities and transform lives through the simple yet profound gift of a bicycle.

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